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Summer of 2018 was the largest on record for ACExpert. 700+ installs after two massive business interruptions. 2019 was around the same and business was going strong. September 2019 until August 2020 ACExpert was out of action. We apologise to all our regular customers. As of 1 September 2020 we are back in Brisbane, ready to install for you.

Our Air Conditioning installations last

The general rule with a split AC, if it is going to cause an issue where a warranty call back is required it does so in the first month or not at all. This is the case 9 times out of 10. For this reason ACExpert offers the unique 5 + 5 year warranty. The first 5 years your machine is covered 100% for labour and parts, For the years 5 to 10 we pay half of any repair bill provided the repair is carried out by a proper Panasonic man, and the machine hasn’t been dropped off a building. Only AC Expert warranties his machines beyond the 5 year benchmark. That’s how sure we are our installs will last.

Which Brand is best ?

Split system air conditioning installation in Brisbane is what we do. Hundreds of installs every summer. All the major Brands. We don’t get any incentives to sponsor or tout any one manufacturer. There’s a group of air conditioner brands that set themselves apart from all others. The top four manufacturers are really all you should consider for your hard earned dollars this year. They are the only ones that will last under the Australian sun. Buying one of these and having it installed correctly means you’ll have 90% chance of it still running efficiently in ten years time.

The right size air conditioner

Our Brisbane air conditioning expert will step you through different size units and their capabilities. How to measure any area for the exact right size – and the efficiency differences. Options to combine units for large areas : All so you can make an informed purchase this summer.

Places to install an air conditioner

Detailed explanations of where is best for your system and why. The benefits of some locations over others : How much your Brisbane installationshould cost. Will the location help the overall cooling effect? Why there’s some places it simply can’t go.

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